How Much Does An Ecommerce Website Development Cost In 2022?

How Much Does An Ecommerce Website Development Cost In 2022?

Posted on: 12 Jan, 2022

Can you answer perfectly how much does a car cost? No, right? You have to specify the various things such as the car company, model, service, maintenance, insurance, tax and various millions of things. The same applies to the e-commerce website development costing as well. There are so many things that affect the e-commerce website development costing. Let's see how much e-commerce website development will cost in 2022.

E-commerce Website Development Cost

Point Out Your E-Commerce Requirements

Now that you have decided you need an e-commerce website list down all the things you need on your e-commerce web development. There could be various things that you would love to have on your website but it is not necessary to have. Try to eliminate all those nice to have things as they can increase your development cost. You can list down all your e-commerce website project requirements and share them with your website development company, it will be easier for them to give you a proper estimation for your website.

An Ecommerce Website Approach

So, now you have two approaches to choose from: first, custom and second, off the shelf. If you want to go for a custom approach, e-commerce developers will develop your website from scratch. They will develop each and every feature and functionality specifically for your e-commerce website. On the other hand with an off-the-shelf approach, the web development companies will leverage the open plugins and tools and will develop the e-commerce website making minor changes to make them suitable for your website style.

E-commerce Website Design

Website design is an important aspect to consider while developing a website. As it will affect the user experience. Your website design should be appealing enough to attract users and at the same time, it should be easy to navigate so that users stay on your e-commerce website more. Many e-commerce platforms offer ready to use website design themes that you can buy but we don't recommend them. As you might end up with the same design as millions of others. Your e-commerce website design should reflect your brand's image and value. The E-commerce website design should leave an astonishing impression about your brand in the visitors' minds.

E-commerce Website Development

The E-commerce development process cost most of the entire budget and time. The development process includes the development of features, functionalities, tools and every other thing. You can minimize the cost if you choose to go for pre-build tools and plugins. But that won't truly reflect your project requirements. If you have any personalized features and functionalities that you want for your website, you can list them down in your requirements list and top web development companies will deliver them accurately. Website development cost varies depending on the products you have, features you want, functionalities you will need and so on. But keep in mind customized website development can cost more than usual.

Web Hosting

You will need web hosting for your e-commerce website. The web hosting price changes based on various things such as what type of business you own, the traffic you expect to receive on your website, the transaction you expect you will have on your website and so on. Small businesses will get fewer visitors and transactions on their websites compared to large enterprise businesses. A large website might need dedicated web hosting that can increase the cost.

SSL Certificates

The SSL Certificates provide the guarantee that your website is safe and secure to make any transaction. Any website with SSL certificates gets the HTTPS prefix before its URL. As you own an e-commerce website you will have various transactions through your website, so you should have an SSL certificate to assure your users that your website is safe from frauds and data leaks. The e-commerce website cost varies based on the SSL provider you choose to go for.

Search Engine Optimization

What if you have a fully functioning website but users can not find you or reach you due to the competition or poor content or any other thing? You won't like it right? That's why you will need SEO services. Your web development companies can help you optimize your website but again it will increase the budget. The search engine optimization will work on your website with proper strategies keeping google's algorithm in the center. It will help your e-commerce website rank well above your competition.

After-Sale Support

It might not sound as useful as it is but the after-sale support is really important. Just as with every other thing, e-commerce websites also need maintenance and support to work on the bugs and updates. The web development company you will hire to work on your project requirements will surely check your entire website after development in the QA phase. But the recent updates of the tools, technologies and plugins of your website might affect your website and that's why you will need after-sale support where the web developers will make sure to fix the bugs and keep your website up and running all the time.

Business Process Integration

You might not have considered it but you can enhance your business process along with focusing your e-commerce website development process. Consider enhancing all your third-party tools and technologies that can affect your regular business process. You can update your CRM solution system or can integrate your email marketing tools, stock management system and even an accounting package as well. It can cost a bit much but in the long run, it will streamline your business process to help them increase the ROI of the business.

E-commerce Website Cost

An average e-commerce website development with around 100 to 1000 products can cost anything around ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 1,50,000, it may vary based on your project requirements. The same e-commerce website maintenance can cost  ₹8,000 to ₹30,000 per year.

How Long Does It Take?

An average e-commerce website development can take up to 4 to 10 weeks. But again it can change based on the complexity of the project. Any E-commerce web development company will inform you about how much time the development process can take before going ahead with the development process.


Now you have a rough idea about how much ecommerce website development can cost. But if you are serious about your e-commerce store rather than choosing anyone for your project requirements, hire ecommerce developers from a prestigious web development company who have enough knowledge about the industry and can reflect well on your project requirements.

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